Theo10 SKIN

Theo10 SKIN
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Many years ago, creams filled with chemicals were introduced. Today, alternative solution have been invented. The ingredients are very important. That is why we are so particular over what makes the cream. A few things to consider regarding the cream:

- It should be non-steroidal, non-chemical so it will not cause harmful effects in our body
- It should be small and easy to carry around.
- It should be dynamic and multi-purpose.
- It should be applicable to people of all ages. 

The thoughtfully considered Theo10 SKIN. Using only 100% natural and organic certified ingredients, produced in Singapore. Comes in tube form with 18 months shelf life. Kind on sensitive skin, open wounds and suitable for use for babies 3 month and above. Smells like mint chocolate and acts as a moisturizer, well received by most. 

Common uses:
> Eczema
> Nasal Congestion
> Insect bites
> Minor Cuts & Burns
> Oral Ulcers

Color: Green with aluminium Tube
Application: Small amount on fingertip (just a dab)
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