SINGLISH Sticker Buffet - Catchy Slogans!

SINGLISH Sticker Buffet - Catchy Slogans!
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Available in 2 designs and sized A5 each, the handy Singlish Buffet Stickers are yours to mix and match. 

The first set allows you to mix and match the phrases on any surface. The second set is perfect for emoting that slice of Singaporean life.

Feast on ways to use this slice of Singlish and hashtag #Singaporelang! You can stick them on presents (Kilat!) or angbaos packets (Huat Ah!) for your friends to complement your wacky gift-wrapping skills, or have some on them on your luggage, accompanying you on your next holiday. 

Stick them on your laptops, mobile phones or simply get these as gifts for your friends and loved ones. I stick them on my camera caps. Let your imagination stick, #maituliao!   

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Thank you, let's huat together!
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